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Frequently asked questions about our wives’ business

Let me share some answers to questions that you might have, concerning the  
business your wife is in. I’ve been a Mary Kay husband for many years, and I
think it is important to have an understanding of the fundamentals of this

Exactly what will my wife be doing?
She will be teaching skin care and color cosmetics to women and selling  
products. She will be self-employed in her own business. She will not be
Twyla’s employee or an employee of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.  She will hold
skin care classes and facials with individuals or small groups of women.

Where will she be working?
Her classes will be held in either her home or the home of a hostess who has  
invited her. Your wife will have no territories and may work anywhere she

What sort of hours will my wife be expected to work?
She may set her own hours since she’s in business for herself. Quotas and
requirements are not imposed. However, we suggest that the two of you
develop a weekly plan so you can know and agree upon her schedule. Her
hours can vary depending on family plans and desired income. Remember,
the more hours worked, the higher her income potential.

My wife knows very little about sales and teaching skin care.
How can she  expect to be successful?
As in any profession, there is a thorough educational program for all new
Consultants. Twyla will help train her in basic skin care and makeup
techniques. She will learn all facets of her business, including booking,
money management, time management, etc. Advanced training is offered on
a periodic basis and is the secret to increasing her income. You are always
welcome to attend all training classes and functions. Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions. Call me, Bruce (Mr. K), at 417 882-
0179 or email

What’s in the Showcase?
Your wife is setting up her own business and she needs tools with which to
work. The showcase includes demonstration products for her use at skin
care classes, CDs, training materials, samples, date book, booklets, 4 mirrors
and trays, 25 of the disposable cloths and applicators, as well as over $324 in
retail products!

How much inventory does she need?
There are several options. Determining factors would be how many hours
she will be putting into the business. For example, a skin care class takes
about an hour and the average skin care class is now $150 to $200. How
many will she be holding each week? It’s recommended to start at a Star
level, that would provide enough products to get your wife through her first
two weeks to one month in Mary Kay. Always remember that inventory is
her source of profit. It’s hard to sell from “an empty wagon.” Women have a
tendency to be compulsive, and will want to take their products home with
them the night of the class. When your wife places an order with the
Company for products, she is purchasing them at wholesale. She will then
sell the products to her customers at retail prices.

What kind of a discount will she be receiving on the product?
The discount is 50% of the suggested retail price. (In other words, your wife
buys for a dollar, sells for two.) To get this discount, you must satisfy the
$400 retail—$200 wholesale—amount. This entitles you to order any
amount of any size through the rest of that month, and the following two
months, and still receive the 50% discount. When a new order form begins, a
consultant must again satisfy the $400 retail—$200 wholesale—amount
again to be able to order products for the next three months at 50% off.
(There is a $8.75 shipping charge on any size order, big or small.) Everyone—
both Consultants and Directors—buy directly from the Company at the same
discounts. The key to consistent earnings is restocking inventory on a
consistent basis. It is advised to reinvest 60% of her sales to replenish
products. Inventory planning and control can be a joint planning area. For
more information about inventory refer to other articles on this web site
under “Training Center.”

How much inventory is really best for my wife?
The two of you know your financial circumstances better than anyone else.
We recommend that each Consultant begin with a product inventory and
reinvest her profits until she has at least $3,600 wholesale—$7200 retail—in
product on her shelves. Some consultants start with this amount (which
would earn her an Emerald Star on her Ladder of Success). This inventory
level will give you an adequate variety and number of products for five to
eight classes per week or three to five classes plus reorders. Once her
inventory is at the right level, your wife is ready to take a profit.

We don’t have that much money in our savings account. Now
Few people have that much money readily available. Even if you did have it,
I would recommend a bank loan. Why? Because often, businesses begin on
borrowed capital. Or, the order can be charged to Master Card, Discover, or
Visa. Profits from sales can be used to pay off the charge.

That sounds like a lot of money. By the way, what’s in it for
Twyla finds fulfillment in assisting others to reach their God-given potential.
She will earn a commission based on the wholesale volume of your wife’s
purchases. This commission varies depending on the number of her recruits
and their orders. What’s important is that your wife can earn this same
Just ask Twyla how!

With all this training and all this money, I’m a little afraid of
changes I may see in my wife.
Part of our philosophy is a strong belief in priorities—God first, family
second, and career third. Mary Kay says, “In this order everything works,
out of this order nothing works.” With your encouragement and continued
moral support, your wife can only succeed.
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