Lou Fox
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Lou and Charles Fox
Lou prepared a spread fit for a KING
for Rhonda and I, in the kitchen she
was painting (until 3 A.M.), on the
day she got the call that there was a
liver available for transplant, and
she was there within 20 minutes!
When I get a THEME going, you gals
know I go waaay overboard. This is
probably the 6th or 7th fox I've sent
LOU FOX over the years!
Lou Fox joined our Unit as my personal recruit, 20 years ago (this August!).  She
had been a customer, and her husband, Charley, had been transferred to
Arkansas.  I shared the opportunity with her just to KEEP HER!  Lou went on to
become a Team Leader and was one of our first girls to earn the MARY KAY RED

Through the years we've had so much fun with Lou Fox.  She reminded me that
she and Charley "earned" the use of our Retreat House one weekend for being the
Queen of Sales for the year, and another time, in Branson, at a Star Banquet
Celebration, Barbara sang TEDDY BEAR with Charley.  Charley passed away in
2001, and since his death, Lou has had two liver transplants.  She is an incredible
mentor and musician!