Sales Aids
Training Aids
Mary Kay at a Glance
Nifty fold-out brochure
Overcoming Selling Objections
Think you've heard them all? Think again!
Here's practical tips.
May Kay Open House Postcards
You can edit these in MS Publisher
Have You Ever Pondered Pink?
Take the "Life Can Be Good" quiz, a one-page
inventory to get your prospect to think
about a career in Pink.
The Mary Kay Marketing Plan
A 3-page plan discussing the Mary Kay
opportunity and the steps necessary to start.
Deal or No Deal?
A Mary Kay version of the
popular television show
(Thanks to Debbie Drake)
11 Ways to Purchase Inventory
shares creative ways to purchase
How To Make 2009 Your Best Year
Women-in-business writer, Nancy Michaels
tell us how to make this year, your best year
EVER. Practical tips by someone who's
been there and done that!
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Using the Client's Mindset to
Close the Sale
Written by Nancy Michaels, this
article talks about the psychology
involved in closing a sale
Set The Table
Goal Setting
Thanks to Brian Tracy
of a Mary Kay Career
by Sharon Buck,
National Sales Director
Click here to hear audio file